Our Story

Jermaine was only 11 years old when he started cooking sunday dinners for his grandparents who raised him. They taught him how to cook using natural herbs and spices, and seasonings like scotch bonnet pepper, onion, thyme, scallions and ginger.

Those same recipes cooked at home are what Jermaine Miller, Owner of Cool Runnings Restaurant and Bar cooks in his restaurant each day. With a little trial and error, Jermaine was able to take his home cooking on a much larger commercial scale.

Jamaican food is known for being spicy and full of flavor. Jerk Chicken is a staple that most customers go for. The chicken is first seasoned with a dry rub and then marinated for 1-2 days. When it ready to be cooked, its made on a charcoal grill on a low temperature for an hour and a half. When it’s done, it’s an absolute explosion of spicy seasoned perfection!

Though Jerk Chicken is a favourite, if you’re not into spicy foods, some other Jamaican dishes to try are Stew Chicken, Oxtail and Jermaine’s favorite, Curry Goat. People are often skeptical at first when they hear “Curry Goat”, but once they’ve tried it, they come back for it.

For Jermaine and his family, the restaurant is a dream come true. His goal is always to create an ambiance and an atmosphere where people have a great time, great food and a memorable experience.

Whether you’re in Michigan City, South Bend or you happen to see our food truck, stop by Cool runnings for your favorite authentic Jamaican dishes!